ajkin ('day diviner')

This site is an overview of an on-line game built for CBS Interactive for the post-apocalyptic series Jericho. Each circle left archives key elements of the game. The game provided a framework, players completed the game using their imagination, a merging between established media and fan-fiction. Links throughout highlight player participation.

The game's opening site "ajkin" (link below) was launched in parallel to a cryptic sticker distributed at ComicCon. Once reverse-decoded, the sticker's password "red cloud" opens the gateway to the game, a calendar whose 'present-day' date appears in Mayan glyph form. The left glyph is the Mayan month. The right glyph is the Mayan day. Glyphs animate 24 times per day.

'Piano keys' below the date move the calendar in both directions. A clue is opened when the middle 'key' is clicked (resetting the clock to 'present day') then clicking the left glyph. An animation follows, satellite views of the midwestern U.S. where Jericho is set. Animations show statehood sequence, green borders replacing gray native tribal borders. Borders contain coded questions. An introductory taunt goads players. The taunt's answer led onward: areyouaborder.

password: red cloud
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